Stratford Managers Corporation

About Stratford
Our goal at Stratford Managers is simple: to help organizations and their leaders grow, improve and transform.

It’s been our mission since we were founded by Jim Roche in 2008. After 10 years of leading a multimillion dollar company through rapid growth, acquisitions and an IPO, Jim wanted to share the knowledge he’d accumulated with other growing companies.

That spirit runs through our whole team: to give back. We know successful businesses contribute to the prosperity and vibrancy of the communities where they’re active. We want to help fuel that success — by lending our strategic and operational experience.

We’re generous with our time. We believe in your capabilities to realize your goals. And we’re committed to helping you do just that.

When you partner with Stratford Managers,
you benefit from :

Tailored solutions
Drawing on years of experience, we work directly with your team to build a custom program that’s right for your business.

Cross-practice collaboration
Part of what makes our model unique is that we routinely combine the collective expertise of our team to deliver broad, complete solutions.

Hands-on approach
We operate as a seamless extension of your internal team, working alongside you to improve your business for the long term.

We show you the whole picture and speak the truth,
even when it’s uncomfortable.

Address: 555 Legget Drive, Tower B Suite 532
Kanata, ON K2K 2X3, Canada
Tel: 1 (888) 553-1428

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