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I have called Stratford home for the past 22 years, after spending the majority of my life in larger cities, moving from one end of Ontario to the other. As a single parent, from a wandering family, I wanted my son to have the opportunity to grow up in a smaller city, and have never regretted that decision. In addition to my property management and rental services, I also work as an educational assistant.

I have been managing properties since my university days in the 70’s. To help finance my education I worked for a couple of real estate agents who specialized in income property, which lead to me leasing a home, enabling me to live free of charge by renting out rooms to fellow students. Later I managed properties for family and friends, and decided to create my own business in the early 90’s following a work place injury.

In addition to my Bachelor of Arts Diploma from Trent University, I returned to college in the 90’s and earned an Honors Paralegal Certificate. My paralegal training provided me with a thoroughly understand of provincial legislation covering rental properties (presently the Residential Tenancies Act) as well as Small Claims Court actions. Initially I operated PAH Paralegal Services, but after several years decided to focus on property management when Ontario greatly reduced the services that paralegals could provide.

Presently I manage rental properties ranging from single homes to apartment buildings and, I have served on the board of non-profit cooperative housing associations, and advised condo organizations. The majority of my clients live outside of Ontario, many simply have busy lives, or they would rather not perform the day to day management of their properties As part of my services, I work closely with multiple government and community organizations to assist tenants and landlords. My business often included assisting real estate agents and mortgage brokers, as an adviser to them and their clients, before and after purchasing income properties.

Address: 28 Blake Street, Stratford, Ontario, N5A 2C3
Phone: 519-273-9314
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